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OPEN CALL: Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology

April 2, 2021

About us

Unwanted Words is the first platform for up & coming LGBTQ+ poets and Spoken Word artists in Rotterdam & around. We seek to offer opportunities for queer connection and growth such as our Queer Poetry Nights series, spoken word workshops and digital content that promote and amplify queer voices from an intersectional approach. Our goal as a platform is to create spaces for LGBTQ+ talent to thrive and connect with like-minded communities.

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Past Event Recap

The 1st Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards

September 27, 2020

The 1st Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards by Unwanted Words were a moment to recognize the talent and excellence in our community. The Awards are a non-for-profit celebration of the best and most outstanding poets and spoken word artists whose works discuss topics of feminism and the queer experience from an intersectional perspective, centering on diversity and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) voices.We invited LGBTQ+ & feminist poets, writers, spoken word artists in Rotterdam and its surroundings to submit their applications to win an award in one of our six categories. Applications are closed and finalists will be announced soon!The Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards are organized by Unwanted Words Project, an award-winning platform for up & coming queer voices working with poetry and spoken word based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With the support of the Hang-Out 010, Awesome Foundation Rotterdam, Dona Daria and WORM.

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“The Power of the Word”

Somebody once asked me: “Why poetry? What's the deal with it? What's so special about spoken word? The world doesn't need another poet”

I told them: Well, hold up, sweetheart, let's get it together, because 
I’m about to drop all of this on you:
You see...

Words can create
Words can uplift 

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