Past Event Recap

Queer Poetry 
Nights #11 Stukafest x Unwanted Words

February 21, 2020

Here’s a recap of what went down at our Queer Poetry Nights #11. Thank you so so much to all the speakers and openmicers who filled the night with so much queer talent.

Also a big thanks to everyone who attended and made this safe queer space happen for all of us to share our words and experiences.

This event was possible thanks to Stukafest for providing a beautiful space for these queer events to happen and for people to connect. We are very grateful that they open their doors for us.

If there’s any feedback on the event or if you want your picture removed, feel free to contact us! Have a lovely week!

Event Details
Date Friday February 21, 2020
Time 20:00 – 22:00
Price Free
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Our Queer Poetry Nights go big as we join forces with Stukafest Rotterdam 2020 and an amazing line-up of acts this next February 21st. Unwanted Words is a platform in Rotterdam for new up & coming queer voices. We organize a monthly series of Queer Poetry Nights to create a safe space for queer expression and encourage all queer voices to take the mic and share their literary work.Most forms of literary expression are allowed, such as spoken word, poetry, op-eds, drama, performances. For this edition, as part of Stukafest, we will host our session in a student apartment for a cozy and intimate session.When you purchase your ticket through Stukafest, you can get access to up to 3 different acts that night.

Lily Clarissa
Sarafina Van Anst

🧦 About Stukafest Rotterdam 2020 🧦

A smashing performance surrounded by crates of beer or study books, an intimate poetry reading underneath a loft bed or a comedian in the kitchen. From music to spoken word, to theatre, performances and more. This is all possible during Stukafest!On February 21st, student rooms in Rotterdam West turn into stages filled with exciting performances. Create your own personal program with your three favourite acts and ride your bike from room to room. After the third and last round of performances, we dance, drink and celebrate the evening at the afterparty in Roodkapje Rotterdam!

Café Theater Festival Utrecht //
De Droominee – skinfiltr8r //
Ella East // Eline Mann //
KEES // Kolja Huneck //
Marianna Pagliero //
Silvia Belà //
THE PIG by Maya Castellini and Alessandro Manfredi //
The Policy //
Unwanted Words //
WILDe Theatre

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Open Mic

After the line-up, we will have some spaces for open mic for writers and performers in the audience who feel inspired to share their work.

Most forms of literary expression are allowed, such as spoken word, poetry, op-eds, drama, performances, as long as the speakers commit to comply with the 5 minute maximum allocated time per person.

It is important to mention that we encourage freedom of speech and all forms of expression are allowed. However, we want to keep a safe space where both the speakers and the audience feel at home and we feel nurtured and safe. So any forms of hate speech or targeted attacks to a community, group or individual are not allowed.

Performed during Queer Poetry 
Nights #11 Stukafest x Unwanted Words

“The Power of the Word”

Somebody once asked me: “Why poetry? What's the deal with it? What's so special about spoken word? The world doesn't need another poet”

I told them: Well, hold up, sweetheart, let's get it together, because 
I’m about to drop all of this on you:
You see...

Words can create
Words can uplift 

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