Ser El Apoderado Legal

November 30, 2022

In other words, not every person can be the legal representative of another person to be able to at least afford it, it is necessary to check whether one person has a link with the other, so that in the first place the bond of loyalty or fidelity is proved as a reference that the person is not in the state of a case in which he is not aware of his decisions or capable of, With full responsibility a person who has no indication of his loyalty and this is deceived. A representative is a natural or legal person authorized to act on behalf of another person. This is mainly done in the economic or judicial field and within the framework of a contract. An authorized representative is a person in respect of whom another person is authorized to perform legal acts or proceedings on behalf of the authorized representative. All this is formalized by a power of attorney or power of attorney. Specifically, through a power of attorney, the principal or representative (the person who delegates responsibility and decision-making) puts in the hands of the authorized representative the opportunity to choose in different situations. This agreement must be registered in the commercial register. It is a document that legally empowers a person (called an “agent” or trustee) to make decisions about another person`s money, property or property. This person trusts you to represent their interests or those of their beneficiaries as if they were themselves. What we need to be a legal representative is to be over 21 years old, an identity document corresponding to the country where the procedure is carried out, means to prove the relationship I have with the person whose representative I will be the representative, as well as a statement that I am authorized to be your legal representative, and that the benefits and obligations, to which it relates are covered by law. both as an authorized representative and for the person who gives power of attorney to another person.

So, in this article we will see what a legal representative is, what types of functions a legal representative performs and what qualities I must have or even be a power of attorney, we will also know after reading this article how long this legal power lasts, which is mitigated by the hands of another person. As for the special or singular advocate, it may correspond to employees of a contractor who need powers to represent the organization in certain matters. It may be associated with department heads or staff who are associated with the company and who, for various reasons, must travel to certain operations on their behalf. The power of attorney can be general or for specific procedures. Unlike the power of attorney, the power of attorney from the authorized representative is required for the power of attorney to take effect. This means that the appointment of a general representative usually takes a little longer than the appointment of a special advocate. I also need a so-called power of attorney letter, a document in which the person who will grant the power of attorney confirms and confirms that, in his capacity as knowledge, he provides the person concerned by the power of attorney with his legal identification number and full name, as well as the data of two persons and the time of execution of the procedure. To transfer this power of representation to the designated person, this is done by means of a power of attorney, so that the legal representative represents the other person exclusively in judicial, legal or administrative proceedings or situations in Mexico. The parties concerned are the agent, the contracting authority and the notary before whom the document is formalised. As we have already said, the figure of the agent of a company is widely known in the commercial field for its multiple advantages. The granting of a special or general power of attorney empowers certain persons to act appropriately in day-to-day operational matters. A legal representative is a legal person that acts in the interest and on behalf of another legal entity, i.e.

it is a person who responds in accordance with the interests of the person who takes strictly legal decisions in its favour. To be an agent of a person, the requirements must mainly be that the person must be over 21 years of age, have a direct relationship with the person, i.e. come from one of these relatives, spouses, ascendants or descendants and collateral relatives up to the fourth degree, and affinity up to and including the second degree. However, the risks that the general agent can assume are determined by their magnitude and the impact of their management on the management or administration of the business. The trustee is the person to whom certain powers are conferred to act on behalf of the contracting authority. The POLST form documents the patient`s preparedness for a medical emergency in the event of a serious advanced illness. It is not tied to a particular health care provider or facility. This is different from a living will.

The form is a prescription written by a health care provider in accordance with state regulations. To complete a form, the patient must communicate their wishes to the health care provider. If you are not able to make your own decisions, the medical decision-maker is responsible. We are all at risk of being deceived, with or without legal power. If your loved one controls certain assets that you didn`t order, you can also get ripped off. If the person was scammed before receiving a power of attorney, you can take care of what happened and minimize the damage. For example, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, notify banks and credit card companies about this scam, or talk to a lawyer to prevent future scams and recover the stolen content. The powers of the representative of a company depend in any case on the type of power of attorney formalized.

Depending on the characteristics of the document, the extent of its capabilities can be specific (for specific questions) or general. A representative of a corporation is the person appointed by the directors of the corporation who is authorized to make strategic or management decisions within the corporation. The capabilities and restrictions that the agent will have are set out in a notarial deed, also known as a power of attorney. In the business world, and as we said in the introduction, to legally grant a power of attorney, you have to do it by notarial deed. Glossary A Legal representative: what is it and what is its function? It may be granted for all procedures or for a specific category of procedures. This can be done electronically by entering the data of the proxy and indicating the validity of the power of attorney. Power of attorney does not imply any obligation on the part of the agent, as it implies permission or authority to act. However, their appointment alone entails duties and responsibilities. These are: Another feature of the functions is that the agent is a great facility, so the person who granted this power of attorney gives the agent the function of being able to carry out the relevant legal proceedings of the company without the need for the presence of another person, also manage the assets of the company and in an activity can represent the organization with his title of agent, without requiring the presence of the organization`s owner(s). The legal representative is a person to whom the “power of attorney” is granted for the benefit of others. It is a voluntary act by which this person gives another person the capacity to represent another person in order to guarantee his duties and rights.

However, there is an exception to the above. The client is not responsible for the decisions of the mandatary if the mandatary does not comply with the conditions of the power of attorney and goes beyond the duties assigned to him or acts in bad faith. Now that we know that you are an agent for a company, let`s look at the two types of lawyers that can exist. It is necessary to emphasize that for each of the two types of lawyers that we will mention below, it is necessary to draw up a notarial deed. At Financia-T, we advise you to consult yourself in good time before signing a power of attorney and to be aware that in the event that your efforts may lead to legal problems, this may have consequences for you. So if you have a power of attorney, you are responsible for acting on behalf of the person who trusted you, your honesty, and your responsibility. This is the granting of powers of attorney to the lawyer to act on behalf of the client. That is, empowerment leads to voluntary representation, as opposed to pure representation, which can be the result of a court decision. A legal representative both in Mexico and in many other countries of the world is a person of a natural or legal nature who is attributed the opportunity to act on behalf of another person, since that person would have previously transferred the rights of the possibility to act on his or her behalf.